Opening into Presence 

in an emotionally wounded world


"Practice is a sensibility toward felt experience." 

- Michael Stone -


Healing the way we experience our emotions

ButterflyWe live and interact daily with symptoms of a traumatized and wounded world. We are met with inhumane cultural challenges and injustice. We are part of an unintegrated society.

We have all been born into and grown up in a world that's fragmented. We have lived with the symptoms everyday to the extent that it feels be fragmented, divisive, and separate. Do we know any other way to experience our experiences without harming,distressing, hurting and traumatizing ourselves, others, our world?

There are things in the world and life that will touch us. The news touches us. School shootings touches us, polarized politics and religions touches us. We are touched by cultural and racial injustice. The things about us touches us. Internal things inside touches us. Thoughts and sensations touch us. Change and the things we cannot change touches us.

We strive for existence here without ever being inconvenienced by being touched by something difficult, challenging, or by hurt and trauma. We get touched deep inside places that triggers an intense emotional reaction, and wonder where that came from. And after awhile, we learn how to not to be touched in a way that moves us. Let me say that again, we learn how to dissociate and numb ourselves so as to not feel anymore intense emotions.



"Hurts are carried down through generations until someone is ready to feel them." - Anon -

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We have all been born through all the scars from generation and generations of collective unconscious wounding. Our birth comes through the trauma and unconscious, unprocessed material of societies, cultures, communities and our own families, 


We are emotionally wounded in our process of development and our attempts to cope with our wounding result in the growth of a dense underbush of unconscious defenses against our emotional pain.




Our emotional feelings need to be recognized

And our world is currently still undergoing rapid and complex change in its economic, political, social, and spiritual activities. Interaction with changes in our climate and our natural resources, with differences of other people, of race and of culture are becoming increasingly stressful, turbulent, difficult, polarized, divided, separate and emotionally exhausting. Our nervous system has been unable to relax in all of this. The world, our culture, life itself needs us to learn new ways of managing, regulating and restoring what has been absent  to host higher states of consciousness that not only heals, but integrates and transcends existing levels of change.

Stress Turns On Our Emotions Making It Hard To Digest Our Experiences

Stress makes it hard to:

  • be present
  • stay related, stay connected, stay committed
  • relax our nervous system
  • see, and listen
  • deepen into our personal and spiritual practices


Each of us is faced with the challenge of making appropriate adjustments to maintain some degree of stability and civility in the world.

We are in a time we never experienced before. We are all pioneers in this land discovering new innere and outer territories. We all might struggle somehow with this. I believe we need more open spaces where we can struggle together.


We can't no longer expect that we know how to do that or how it should be done.

There is something beautiful that drives us to find out how life can be more clear, more whole, more authentic, more attuned, and more living one's potential.

It's as if, life wants to learns how to do new life through us.

Also, there is something compassionate as life rises up to help us reveal something infinitely beautiful through meeting our shadow, our trauma, our contraction, and the parts of us that actually need to be more whole, more unified.



Our cultural and racial difficulties awaits the mindfulness of our practice

How do you want to be with your current experience of a difficult life?

Life wants to learn how to move emotionally through us

What role will you choose to play when racism is all in your face?

How do you respond to life when...?


Contemplative and mindfulness practitioners does not abandon the world to find spirit, peace,and liberation, but rather seeks to embody spirit in the world, together"

"Life Learns Cultual & Racial Awakening and Healing Through Us"

"Our fragile openness to life as it arises must be met first with experiencing yourself more deeply and unconditionally."

As of result of life learning through me, I have had the opportunity to open up to it and participate in a less resistive and fragile way.

Life learns how to heal and integrate through us

Life learns how to listen through us

Life learns how to direct a refined attention through us... p.27, Living Presence

Life learns how to embrace framentation and conflict in the human heart

Life learns how to awaken latent human faculties in us that has been lulled to sleep ot has been atrophied.

It is not difficult nor is it scarry, because "we are made for it!"

Life learns to digest  the difficult emotional experience of life through us

Life learns how to release unfelt emotions we've suppressed and pushed aside ​​





The creational experiment is still happening in us. Life is finding out the potential of life through us. It's finding out how the stuff of life works and don't work, what resistance to it works, and the part you and I will play in it. Life wants to know if your past habitual emotional and mental patterns that has been held for years can be released under certain conditions if...

Life wants to know what you have found that makes for a life well lived, and what is alive for you in the moment.

Life wants to know about your cultural agreements and conditioning and how bigger your spiritual practice to be able to transcend them.

Life knows as our evolution proceeds, the means for developing our outer being in the world and in culture will progress as new advances are made.

Life learns how to attune through us


How do we heal from the increasingly newsfeeds of racial & social, harm and anger from becoming too overwhelming to stay related?

How would you stop what your unconscious racial conditioning wants to do?

How do we keep our collective trauma from reducing our capacity to see and relate to each other?

Life learns how to open to more life through us




How is that energy capable being bigger than consciousness to host it without identifying with it?

tide coming into beach






Foot Prings in the Sand

leaf in a puddle




What can a spiritual practice teach us about our racial & cultural wounds?

How would we heal if our wounds feed on wounds over time, and if not dissolved the wounds itself form a constellation of anger, hurt and recrimination? We live in a world where our wounds are contagious.

How can we transcend the difficulties of our cultural differences?

How could our nervous system finally relax and develop if they were not healed?

How do we reconcile who we are with who we want to be?

Life learns how to connect through us

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"Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change , no change matters."

- Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams -

As a transformation coach my goal is to help you uncover your higher potential you will need to live in harmony and well attuned to your inner core of your true self while living in the world, while living in culture and developing your re-sponse-ability to see, and listen to what the world needs from you. This is a mutual relationship that is not only fulfilling but will be worth celebrating. Helping you to courageously be emotionally and fully here. make radical improvements in your life is my focus. I provide support and guidance as a life coach for transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Whether you want life coaching help achieving a specific outcome or to enhance all areas of your life, I can help you get there faster.

Life learns how to create through us
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If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love!

Life learns how to include and transcend life through us


What are you curious and open to learn that the world needs?