Deepen into Presence 

for an emotionally wounded world



Your Absence in Our Emotionally Wounded World is Noticibly Felt.

"Practice is a sensibility toward felt experience." 

- Michael Stone -


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How do we hold the realities of divisiveness, fragmentation, polarization and separation in our heart while living fully committed to my spiritual practice in the world?

How do we hold truly the parts of ourselves that might want to look away?

How do we develop the capacity to stay related with the human experience, which may not be my particular human experience in the moment?

How do we step out of our serene sacred practices into our day-to-day world of busyness, confusion and suffering?


We live in a historical moment of disruption fragmentation and separation. The world is emotionally wounded with pain and symptoms scar and fragmented, not only from the scars of current individual and collective crises, but also from the scarring of past generations and ancestral lines of cultural and racial trauma. 





Don't rely on your so called, "good nature" 

That is all we have to do. Everything else will take care of iself.

“Everything else will take care of itself” is a huge statement. Everything else will take care of itself. Oh, how comforting—but it’s a tall order, isn’t it? How do we stay with this present moment without hesitation? How do we open our heart to feel completely what we’re feeling, what the world may be feeling? How do we develop that capacity? How do we water the seed that has the potential to sprout into a giant Banyan tree?

The urgency of the moment we live in requires that we attend to the healing or our individual and collective traumatized suffering of the soul.

Hello, I'm Stephen, a sole proprietor, spiritual teacher and coach who has founded Emotional Presence. I help spiritual practitioners emotionally heal, stay related, and connected in the world, so that the world can experience their transformational power, and creative inner presence.

Having, for some time now, to live daily with the symptoms of fragmentation, separation and isolation has been a very difficult and painful experience for personal and spiritual practitioners to evolve and mature in their life, work and areas they serve in these times.

Unprecedented events of a pandemic, of economic loss, of climate change, of cultural and racial injustices, of polarizing politics requires new way of being and navigational resources that will ensure us moving through all of this with wisdom, grace and embodiment and presence.

Depression word cloud

Depression word cloud



We are many peoples of communication that is becoming universal, instantaneous, and is perceived to be out of control.

We are many peoples using data and technologies that's globalized, quick, and unfortunately overwhelming.

We are many peoples sharing a perceived limited space and time. 

Life is always unfolding in ourselves, but what is different now is that we can no longer hear or feel clearly each other. And I don't think we may or unable to want to. When asked, we are unable to know how we feel inside, and how that even have any valuable importance in our daily lives.  These symptotms has left us disinterested, dissociated and numb in our bodies. We can no longer feel the other. We often emote a sense of overwhelm, fragmentation and separation. Many of us feel quite alone.

Presence is the quality of consciously being here, and being with what is here, "as it is" before we make it something else.